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We are located in the heart of Middle Tennessee - Murfreesboro, TN. Threshold Recovery is a 12-step based sober living home/halfway house to assist those leaving substance abuse treatment to transition into day-to-day living without the use of drugs and/or alcohol.

We provide long-term transitional living services in a safe, secure, and healthy family environment. We are designed to assist small groups of committed people seeking recovery from the disease of addiction and provide men and women's drug rehabilitation services.

Our program's 12-step philosophy helps men and women to discover the joys and rewards that await them in recovery.

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Mens Halfway Sober Living Homes in Murfreesboro, TN

"Turning Point House" For Men

Home Of Grace

"Home of Grace" for Women

Phoenix House Sober Living Interior - Threshold-Recovey Recovery homes

"Phoenix House" Sober Living

Recovery on Purpose House - Threshold-Recovery

"Recovery on Purpose" House

Threshold-Recovery highland park nursing and rehab  house

"Highland Park House" Sober Living


What is the problem?

More than 23 million people in our country afflicted with a serious alcohol or drug problem.

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What is the Solution?

We provide a much-needed structured sober living environment for individuals who need to have strong guidelines for a disciplined life in order to regain and maintain sobriety.

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Program of Action

Our residents learn that for long-term recovery you need new tools that you can use in daily life after substance abuse treatment.

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The results - Success!

New ideas and behaviors, become new habits, that become new attitudes that produce new lives.

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Support A Resident in Need!
One month at Threshold Recovery sober living homes can cost over $800.00 or more. Many of our residents cannot afford this amount in spite of a real desire to change their lives. On the operation side, there are always unforeseen maintenance expenses that occur. We are committed to helping those in need and we can use your help to do that. Please make a donation to help support a resident in need. Your safe, secure online donation has an immediate impact.

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